5 Sexy Links for a Healthier Sex Life

Depending on where you are in the world (and even in whatever country you’re in) you may have a different idea of what sex is to you than your neighbor. Sex is such a hot topic. For some people the topic of sex makes them blush, and for others, the topic of sex is something they can’t shut up about (I’m of the latter group, obviously!).

Regardless of how you feel about sex, you need to examine your relationship with sex. Sex is important but a lot of people are way too overzealous about sex, or they’re way too closed off about it.

Here are a few links to videos and other resources (like educational videos and… PORN) to help you have a healthier relationship with sex!

  1. Sexplainations
    In my opinion, this Youtube series is the sex education we deserved to get in public school!
    I’m obsessed with this channel, and I’m even more obsessed with the sexologist who runs it, Dr. Lindsey Doe.
    These videos are important because you not only can learn about anatomy, the theories surrounding sex, and practical applications. There are videos on sex positions, communication techniques, and Q&As!
  2. Ethical porn
    One way you can improve your relationship to sex is by watching porn ethically. And when it comes to watching porn ethically that means you’re going to have to say farewell to free porn.
    Sorry! It’s like pirating movies except you’re not stealing from people who make millions… you’re paying for sex workers who get paid a pretty low amount of money for their work.
    So how do you know your porn is ethical?
    Well, here are some sites where you know you’ll get good porn! (Make Love Not Porn, Lust Cinema, and Dreams of Spanking)
    Respect is super important when it comes to sex. You have to respect yourself and you have to respect your partner. You must respect boundaries and respect how sex can be a touchy subject for others.